Award winning full service custom builder specializing in Greenwich, New Canaan and Ridgefield Ct.
Custom Homes with and approach that includes an entire completed New Home package
We work to deliver the highest quality work



Award winning full service custom builder specializing in New Canaan, Greenwich and Bedford NY.

We build architecturally designed homes exclusively with no preference for size or style of home. Whether the project is large or small we provide full staffing and attention to details throughout the project.

All of our Construction Managers started as hands on tradesmen and mastered many skills before qualifying to become Supervisors.

We know that all our customers expect the highest quality workmanship. We also expect the highest level of integrity from our staff and our tradesmen.

Trusting relationships has been a key ingredient to our success. Whether with Architects, trade contractors or Town Officials, we know that reputation is everything and we are pleased that most of our work comes through referrals.


Mosolino Development Builds Custom Homes that includes an entire New Home package. In most cases finding the site, arranging funding and applying for all necessary statutory consents... READ MORE


Mosolino Development offers Construction Management for your architectural and civil engineering, construction building and assembling of infrastructures projects...READ MORE


As we work to deliver the highest quality work, we are proud that numerous organizations have recognized our progress and achievements... READ MORE